About the blog

The purpose of this blog will emerge as it does. I imagine it will partly tell my story and through my story the story of the people I meet and the places I go. Inevitably it will capture the things I care about. What makes me laugh and cry. What angers me. It is mostly for the people I care about.

I tell my story because I still have the freedom to do so. I tell my story fully aware of the many people who cannot.

I originally entitled the blog “Good Morning America.” Not as a reference to the TV show. “Good Morning America” was the title of a rap written as part of the original play “Unforgiving” created and performed by the great and unforgettable theatre workshop I had the privilege to be part of through the Prison Creative Arts Project. It then changed to Walle in the World with the tag line “Every day is another day to grow”, which Rob reminded us in workshop regularly. In the spirit of the blog and my personal commitment to continuous growth, I have renamed it ‘Internal Resistance.’ This names my own ongoing resistance to complacency and injustices that threaten our collective humanity. All thoughts, comments, questions, reactions are most welcome and I hope all enjoy.

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